Andrew and Elisha 



Hello World! We are so happy to meet you!  We are a husband and wife photography and video team. Andrew is Nazareth Road Productions and I am Elisha Orin Photography . Together we are Andrew and Elisha . Andrew and I met each other in the beginning of high school . He was working on the AV ( audio video club) and I had a small part in the play South Pacific . He seemed to take notice in me and made me feel special. We became best friends and as strange as it sounds we would pretend to kiss each other. One day he pulled me in and kissed me for real. We spent most of our early times together skate boarding and holding hands in church. I went to school in Miami while he was in NY at school.  Four years later we were married. We have for 3 Children Raiven , Ellie and Isaac. We spend most of our days that we are not at a wedding , editing, spending time with our children, snuggling our little dog Ninnie, wiping up slobber from our big bloodhound Oats and praying and reading Gods word. He is constantly teaching us and molding us as we seek him. It is so cool to see how he is working in the lives around us and through our children. He has done everything for us and I want to do as much as i can for him!  We live in the US Virgin Islands and also in Chautauqua NY . We usually spilt the time between the locations but we are always flying back and forth the other times of the year. We love new locations the best so if you are in any of the states or any continent we will come to your wedding!  We are just so happy we get to have these jobs photographing people on such a special day.