Ryan &Monica: Country Club of Buffalo Wedding

In NYC Ryan walked into a Buffalo Bills bar , Monica came in shortly after. He noticed the "beautiful women who walked in the door. There was a loud obnoxious woman close to Ryan and Monica walked up to him and said " control your woman" He said, "This is not my woman"  Then they began talking and Ryan said " what are you doing after the game?" So they went to a cafe in East Village and then to another place for desert  .. Ryan said he loves the Bills, they might not be the best team but they are the best matchmakers. Now they are married ! 

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Abbie: Chautauqua NY senior Portraits

Abbie: She is a light in this world. She has a deep peace that rests on her that soothes your soul. She is an example of Joy. Some may say that the photos are the morning sun but i say its a little sun and a whole lot of Abbie. She makes you feel warm and special. This girl has blessed so many and will do so much in her life time. Anyone who knows her or her mother knows what i mean.  

Andrea and Michael: Spring Lake Winery

I asked the Groom earlier in the day about Andrea, he talked so much about how she's so nice to everyone. People she just meets at work she hugs and is so kind too. He later made a speech during the reception where he talked about this again. Telling everyone there that if you dont know her that you should !! I mentioned to Andrea while she was getting ready how Michael was bragging about her kindness and she smiled and said that he always does. Isn't that a perfect picture? A friend of mind recently told me she feels so safe because her husband loves her so much. Its so amazing how our words and love can give someone so much confidence and Joy that they could reach a potential unimaginable. It was obvious that Andrea Knew she was lucky!!! My favorite part of the wedding was just before the kiss Andrea reacted with such excitement. Like she was waiting to hear those words kiss the bride forever!! It was a beautiful venue in lockport NY It rained throughout the day but once again a miracle happened how it always does and there were perfect timed breaks for everything planned to happened!! Thank you God!! 

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John and Alisa, warren pa wedding

Alisa's mom walks out beautifully dressed and the bride crys, telling her mom how beautiful she is and thats she looks like a princess. ............The grooms mom closes her eyes through most of the mother/ son dance.... is she pondering his life and the moment she first held his tiny hand? And now she hold his strong grown hands and its the day she knew would come but it came too fast... if only she could freeze the moments of the past..... Its a bitter sweet moment.... its so good,  and happy but there is this tiny bit that wants to stop life and maybe go back. Its love....... you want to bask in it, and savor it because its so good! 

The day after this wedding someone asked my how my wedding was ? i said amazing. ....... my heart is full.... How do you feel when you watch fairytales come true? Everyday is becoming more and more like this as i draw closer to Jesus .. I'm seeing his goodness and all my worries and fears are being replace by thankfulness and amazement! 

Just listening to the beautiful sounds of whatever instrument it is in this video makes my heart still--it brings me to a place of peace and rest to reflect on Gods amazing gifts. The Bible says all good things come from God, I have come to a place where I don't just say this anymore but I can feel God when I see love. His very presence gives me a spirit of thankfulness. I celebrate with my couples because they are feeling God, experiencing him. Its wonderful and glorious...... and to think about how much Alisa and John feel for each other imagine how our creator feels about us!  Zephaniah 3:17 says  :The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. I posted this verse in my living room because it feels me with overwhelming love to know this is the way God feels about us! Love is God , its good!!  Alisa and John reflect God through their love... Alisa  and John may you always feel this in love ... you are both special... and made "perfect" for each other"  

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Bride dress: Mori Lee

Bridesmaid dresses: Bill Levkoff

Shoes: Blue by Betsey Johnson

Bride Jewlery & Headpiece: Bridal Elegance

Groom Tux: Vera Wang by Men's Wearhouse 

Girls getting ready location: Woman's club of Warren

Guys getting ready location: Hampton Inn & Suites 

Hair: Modern Edge Styling Salon

Makeup: Makeup by Kate

Flowers: Dan Van Gogh 

Reception: Conewango Club 

Video: nazareth road 

Julie and James : Peek and Peak ski resort wedding

Julie. When the bride first realized she had a loop under her dress that she could wrap around her wrist . She spun around and smiled. Im pretty sure she felt special. She felt blessed and so loved. She was marring the man of her dreams.  James. He opens the gift before the wedding. Inside there is a rock. Julie like penguins. When Penguins give rocks. Not just any rocks, though -- male gentoo penguins search through piles of pebbles to find the smoothest, most perfect ones. When a penguin has selected his pebble, he presents it to his intended companion. Penguins mate for life. Julie and James are forever and ever! 

So fun to work with Kim Kantola from Peek and Peak and since AW was in pittsburgh shooting a wedding ( ill post soon) i got to work with a awesome power couple from RTB productions

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Dustin and Ashley : Chautauqua Institution wedding

Hello! Thanks for stopping in to see Ashley and Dustins  beautiful Chautauqua Institution wedding. I know i have said it before but this venue is one of my favorite venues. I just love the charm of all the victorian homes,  plus i can get all the pretty colors that i love in my photos and it just fits well with this venue.  If i had to title this wedding i would title it "ALL SMILES" thats because Ashley smiled all day long. For real. Not just for photos but all the time. I have a feeling that she does this everyday.  How can i ever complain about my job when people are happy? Really how could i ever ever complain when anyone is Ashley happy? A higher level of happiness.  I get it though... i know her secret. Its being with a man like Dustin who makes her feel peace and love . A man who is her best friend. That she can dance with and forget anyones around her because he is her world! She's happy because her parents adore her... when i saw how much they loved her i questioned my parenting. They just looked at her like she was the sun and the stars.  She's happy because her world is surrounded by people who love her! Im so happy for all this happiness!! I loved it. .... and we all cried with tears of joy and lived happily ever after!               see full gallery here

video : nazarethroad  

Dress: Sorelle Bridal Salon (Washington, PA)

Shoes: Betsy Johnson

Suits: Men’s Wearhouse with shirts/ties/pocket squares rented from Sorelle

Florist: Francesca’s Floral (Jamestown)
Band: Keith James Band

Cake: Cakes by Brandy (Westfield, NY)

Venue: Hall of Philosophy/Athenaeum Hotel

Bridesmaid dresses: Sorelle Bridal


Mr and Mrs Matve

This is from the new MRS: 
Beautiful people if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them or following their pages, their work is BREATHTAKING The afternoon of May 12, Elisha expressed to me to embrace the Day and see what the Lord could move and/or bring to Our Union. There was no doubt that the day was full of His blessings, as the day was a beautiful blur. I have been crying on and off since the wedding day (it’s fine lol). I keep whining, I don’t want it to be over-like most things in life

Ever since Saturday, the thought of Life has been heavily weighing on my heart. Life goes SO fast. A day that I have been dreaming and planning for since I was a little girl was over, in a blink of an eye. For four full days, our hearts were so full with family, friends, and endless love. The thought of never getting that time back keeps my mind replaying those special days over and over. 
I think so easily we wish time away (I’ll be the first to admit it) and don’t enjoy what is in our presence. I’m notorious for getting into a routine and not embracing the beauty of what He has given to us, everyday. I always want the next big event in my life, instead of embracing and loving the Life I have at that particular time. 
The words Elisha shared with me have been on my heart, and I can’t help but think the Lord have been working and moving me, as a person and a wife, since Saturday. My eyes have been opened.

This experience has done more than just change my last name, it has changed my mindset about truly how fast Life goes and what’s important while living it! 
I can’t wait to take on Life as, Sarah Marie Matve.

Sarah and brett thank you so much we love you both and can't wait to see whats next. @hannahneckers thanks for being my best second shooter ever and friend i love you lady! 

Sarah on Film

I wanted to shoot a roll of film one last time before the snow was Gone.  I also wanted to just make sure that i still wanted to shoot film. You see right now I'm kind of torn to where i want to go with my work. I have been shooting 1 or 2 rolls of film for weddings for the last 6 years. I love the process of film because it actually is much more peaceful and thoughtful. I know every click is going to cost me around $2.00 by the time i buy film, process and have it professionally scanned. So i have to make sure the subject takes a final blink before i click the shutter and i need to make sure the exposure is right and  the composition is just how i want it. I learned on film in high school and then college and my final year of college is when digital was huge.  Digital is great now , it has come so far. I remember when i would take photos with my first digital camera and it looked digital. Now you honestly cant tell. I can make my digital look like film if i want. Its not so much about the final product for me but its about being present and mindful and film helps me to achieve that. So this year is my year to buy a new camera and I'm hoping to do it this week and i honestly don't know what way I'm going to go. There are so many amazing cameras right now and mirrorless seems to be so exciting but I'm just uncertain. ill figure it out soon.  Here is beautiful Sarah. she is getting married in 2 weeks and i cant wait to photographer her again. 

It's Still Snowing

i really can't believe it is still snowing in Chautauqua NY . We had one day last week where it was in the late 60's. Its been a long winter as we have not gone to the islands due to the hurricanes. I actually forgot what it was like when you get the feel that spring is coming and its so exciting. I remember as a kid that one 70 degree day when the snow melted just off the road and i was dribbling my basket ball with a feeling of newness and excitement. As an adult i usually hang the sheets on the line and open the windows. Its really exciting to hear those spring birds chirping. The awesome news is... AW and I are leaving for the islands tomorrow !! Cant wait to give out a few over due hugs to a very precious widow who has become my "island mom". Ill be back and forth over the summer and fall and I'm so excited for wedding season to officially start !! Yay! 

Meet Natalie and Brock , these two are special. We actually had a awesome photoshoot but also it was a little rough too. haha. First Brock was having an allergy to some hair product that his stylist put in that day and his eyes were burning and very sensitive to the bright snowy light, but i think it all worked out. Next Natalie being a Texas girl , got super cold to the point of almost passing out. Her hands just couldn't take that cold. But...... do you want to know why i am telling you all this?.. because all of this made the most beautiful moment as i watched Brock gently care for his future bride . Carrying her to the car, warming her hands, feeling concerned. The relationship is so precious. They nurture and love each other in such a beautiful way .They have each other and it makes me so happy.  I can't wait to see how amazing their wedding will be and all the stories i will here about how awesome they are. 

If you have a sweet little story put it in the comments below. I bet they would love to hear how sweet you think they are :)   love you guys!!! 

see more photos here ( if you have the password) 

Atlantis, Paradise Island Wedding

Danielle and Brandon ordered 3 sets of invitations. 1st one invited everyone to st thomas , 2nd one St Croix and finally the bahamas.   The hurricanes rerouted so many weddings this year  and this wedding was one of them.  This wedding had a bali inspired theme. Lots of color, jewels, Henna. It felt like old hollywood meets india, meets the tropics . Very fun. Danielle has a fun and unique style that felt so new and fresh for me to photograph.  She had a first look with Brandon and we did photos before the ceremony but she didn't let him see her veil until walking down the aisle. That veil was so amazing. She truly looked like a bali princess... ( i dont really know if thats a thing but I'm guessing)  Then a another surprise during the reception she put on a short dress with a beautiful fur shawl..  dramatic. beautiful. you had to be there for the full effect.  I think we should play a guessing game to guess the number of time Brandon thought " wow is she pretty"  .. what do you think?  May their marriage be full of good surprises bali colors!