Melanie and Jordan: Corry PA wedding photographer

 This was truly an awesome wedding. Melanie and Jordan are very special to me as they both share the same love of Jesus . I dont really know them well on earthly terms. But i know them in a spiritually way and as their sister in Christ i am so proud of them. I also am so thankful because i have been given a glimpse of how God loves us and pursues us through Melanie. This may seem strange to people who dont understand but when you give your heart to Jesus he gives you a new family and even if you dont really have a past with them, you know them spiritually. Its so cool. I have been out before and have known people loved the lord. I dont know how but i knew. I have gone up to them and said you love jesus dont you? and they said yes. Then it turned into a celebration and tears and joy. Like seeing a relative you have never met for the first time. This is the family of God and i believe when he lives in us we can recognize it in each other. 

Melanie and Jordan  will be an example of Christs love for us within their marriage.  I said to someone at the wedding you just watch Melanie is going to be the next Mother Teresa. That was before i saw they were having a food drive at their wedding.  There is just something about this girl. about this couple.

The Pastor told Melanie that he could remember when she excepted Christ into her life,  he sent her a scripture,   Philemon 7,  which says "your love has given me great joy and encouragement because you have refresh the hearts of the Saints." "Melanie has spoke out for Christ at many places and on social media she has refresh the heart of the Saints. The pastor also said that he looks up to her because she is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, today she wants to impact the lights for Jesus, she wants to be involved in an outreach in the community, meeting people’s needs because she care's about them. I look to you as a role model someone who lives up here and I’m down here I’ve seen so many great qualities and traits in your life you are one of those individuals that when you leave a social setting there is someone talking about you… In a positive way. I have admired you’re being trans parent. I’m not saying you are always transparent, but I’ve seen you be transparent. You were not afraid to identify your weakness. I admire that, I respect a person more who can admit their faults, then the person who hides their fault so people will think they are perfect. This is a positive trait Melanie, if you use this as a tool to help you strive to be more like Christ. Don’t let it be something the devil uses to make you feel worthless. You are a beautiful young lady, with a God-given purpose, with great gifts and abilities to impact many many lives. Hold on  to that! "   The the pastor spoke this to Jordan "  you have the conviction that you are to be the spiritual leader of your household. I don’t have to tell you that you are supposed to be the spiritual role model for your wife and future kids. You already know that, it’s already your conviction and your desire. Jordan, that is refreshing to me. Because I know that even though our culture has and is rejecting God‘s word as authority, I know you will continue to speak the truth and live the truth even though there are people, including Christians, and pastors who are compromising the truth of Gods word today. It’s neat to see that your parents spiritual influence has carried on. " 

What beautiful words.. a cloud of witnesses in Heaven rejoice over this couple as do all of those who put their trust in God. I am so excited for what is to come for them. Have a blessed day everyone, elisha 

Brandi and Jonathan

Hello!! wow this last few weeks i feel like i have been swept up in a tornado. I'm very busy. but the tornado is not a place of chaos or stress. it seems to be a fast moving never endless going but its all joy and fun. Many laughs and first wed kisses. New things. I have never felt more creative in my life . I had 3 weddings with in a week and 2 days and it was so much fun. These two Got married at my possibly favorite venue. The chautauqua institution. For those of you who don't know. This place is a private place that is full of victorian house. Its a summer home for people who want to get a way. I m pretty sure most people who own homes here don't actually have permanent residence in Western NY. Its a beautiful place to get married at. The service is magnifico!  They host many events all summer concerts and all that fun stuff. I love the cute stores inside. They have a store with my favorite shoes . I told my husband about these shoes ( rovers) and he bought me 2 pairs for christmas on eBay to get a small discount ( he loves to do this.. saving $20. is so satisfying to him) but unfortunately the size was wrong since the shoe is european. I was unable to return them . I found an owner for 1 pair and the other i just wore. They are 2 big but they are that cool..  i one day decided i feel a little like a clown wearing the shoes. They are in my closet if anyone wheres more like a size nine, they are black boots , hipster style.. more for the artist weird type.. ... they need a home and are up for adoption.  I loved photographing this couple. i love classic timeless looks. fitted suits, brides who resemble Marilyn monroe and have perfect eye brows.  i love white flowing capes that turn a bride into a bohemian princess. i love Grooms who are so cool and design shoes. i love pretty flowers . i love all things vintage to be in my photos. I love love old wall paper prints. I love puppy kisses. i love bottles with classic stems on a table. i love it all. 

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Hurricane Irma changes wedding plans from St Thomas to Chicago

Isabel and Sam were to get married in St Thomas but hurricane Irma came in and they had to change plans. even in this situation Isabel couldn't have been any happier. From what i have seen in the whole experience is she really makes the most of all situations. She is one of those rare few that are always looking out for others and putting them first. No matter who they are. She is one of those people that you will love because her heart is big and open to everyone. She is lovely and her presence will change the atmosphere. Sam compliments her so perfect with his fun loving humor.  i enjoyed every bit of working with these two and i wish they would get married together again and again! They  got married at this really hip, modern wedding venue called The Lakewood in Chicago.  This venue was absolutely a dream to photograph at. So many clean lines and great opportunities.  Sam and Isabel have a way they like to tell each other i love you. one says watermelon and the other says avocados. This is engraved in their wedding bands. They have their own little words . how cute is that? like the saying mischief managed , which was on the cake topper. This is what Sam says when something chaotic is managed. So after hurricane Irma and moving the wedding with in what?? 3 weeks? i would have to say that Mischief was managed very well!! 

Welcome Baby Brooks Churchill

I was so excited this morning to meet this little guy. I got to see his lovely parents get married and now see them just a few days after little baby brooks was born. Could life get any better? I got to hold a newborn and see happiness. To thank God for his wonderful Gift of love.  Their dog was adorable too . He was so attentive to this little one and his people. Wanting to be a part of every minute. What a great day! How is your day going? I have many events to edit but wanted to get these done so they could send out baby announcements . have a great day! May if be full of baby and cotton candy and kisses and puppies and sunshine, be blessed, elisha 

comment below and tell me about the best thing that happened today! 

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Mariah and Andy : Warren PA Engagement Photography

i know i say this a lot.. but these two are the sweetest... maybe my couples just keep getting sweeter .. i dont know. or maybe its sugar in the water ... but as a woman , the way he loves her and is tender with her.. the way she loves his love and his touch... makes me so happy and my heart turns to paper and flies away with the wind. 

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Benny and Laura : The Woods At Bear Creek, PA Wedding


my love, my life, my soon to be wife. We did it. We finally made it to our wedding day. Our wedding day, that has a nice ring to it? Get it ring...... anyways, I've been looking forward to this dayfor a long time. From the days of early adventures, the rock jumping, cruises through Stickney, The dinner dates at Rim Rock, to the more recent adventures of AC, Mexico, the Bahamas and of course that fateful day on shotgun island when I dropped to one knee and asked you to be my wife. You have been there by my side. You bring out the best in me, you make me a better person. You keep me levelheaded when I try to make crazy decisions. I've been around tons of couples that say their significant others are there better half but I don't think they really mean it. I know when I say you are my better half, I mean it. I really am the luckiest guy in the world. I don't know where I'd be without you but I really don't care because I can't see myself without you. We've made 1 million memories, I can't wait to make 1 million more with you. You are my rock, my partner for life, my forever girl. I love you. Love, Benny


I can't believe the day is finally here, the day I become your wife. I must have sat down to write this over a dozen times because I truly don't know how I could ever fully put into words my love for you. When we met in college, neither of us could've ever imagine the incredible journey that was laid before us. Who knew that the affliction wearing life of the party guy would grow into such a hard-working kind hearted and loving man that will soon be my husband. It is crazy to look back on how far we have come over the years. Every day has been an adventure since the moment I met you. You continue to steal my heart over and over again every day. I never knew that I could love someone the way I love you. I love your sense of humor, your big goofy genuine smile, the way you always kiss me goodbye and hello every day, the passion you have for softball, the way you know just what to say when I need it the most, and the way you treat your dogs and cats as if they were truly our children. You have been my rock during difficult times and I am beyond grateful that God gave me you to share my life with. No one has or ever will love me the way you do. You are my best friend, my other half, and a piece of my heart that I never knew was missing. I would choose you 1000 times over even on your worst day I promise that for all the days of your life, you will be truly, deeply, whole heartedly loved. I promise to never give up on us and to work through the challenging times life will throw at us. I promise that years down the road when memories begin to fade, I will never forget this day and the way I fell in this moment with you. You are my everything and I can't wait to call you my husband. I love you more than I can fully express, but I promise to show you just how much throughout our beautiful life together as husband and wife. Your forever girl, Laura

The Woods at Bear Creek
Elisha Orin Photography
Modern Era Weddings DJ
Tim Ruff
Main St Sweets
Edge Hair Salon
Sarah Brown Decor
Diane Foster Florist

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Chicago Engagement Session : Sam and Isabel

Sam and Isabel were another couple planning their wedding in the Virgin Islands but due to Irma they will be staying in their home city of Chicago. We are so thankful for the couples who are still having us as their photographers even if its in a different location. There are many people who our effected by this storm who were not directly hit . I feel bad for my brides who had their heart set on the Caribbean but I'm also so proud to be their photographer as i see them continuing on with excitement for the big day in a new way. I will be shooting their wedding in less  then 2 weeks so i will not share their full beautiful story but i can't wait to shoot a wedding in Chicago !!  Avocados !!!! 

Chicago Engagement Session: Brandon and Danielle

Brandon and Danielle were scheduled to get married in my second home ST Thomas USVI, But then Hurricane Irma came and caused some wreckage, so then they planned their wedding in ST Croix and then hurricane Maria came in and ruined that plan. So now they are not exactly sure where they are getting married but they are still in love and still getting married and no one comes in between that especially not Maria or Irma. 

With that being said please pray and make donations to help the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico So many dont realize that this is the US. It was so scary watching the storm unfold from western NY .Thinking of the people i know and faces i have seen for the past 11 years.  I was glued to many Facebook pages for over a weeks time. I felt like id rather be with them then out of harms way. I can't get on a plane soon enough to get there. To help. If possible. Many times i have not wanted to be there and couldn't wait to leave but then a few months later i wanted to go back. Its all very confusing but the truth be told. That place has taught me so many things. I appreciate the opportunities it has given me . It has been a gift. We have lost much business for the year ahead as we do so much work there but everyone is safe. everyone needs help. I am trusting God for all things. He is our provider and our strength. 

Roxy and Keith : Rotunda Railroad Farm, Fredonia NY

Roxy and Keith .... The met 15 years ago, became best friends, Keith was the friend Roxannes mom always wanted him to date but she said she would never date her him because he was more like a brother, but they decided to date 2 years ago... and now... THEY ARE MARRIED FOR HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!!

I am truly blown away buy 1. Roxanne's way of always making sure everyone is ok 2. Keiths laugh 3. these flowers by Wild Blossoms Hollow  4. Nazareth roads Video ... AMAZING!!!!

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Ashley and Adam: Buffalo Wedding Photography

Ashley and Adam were married at the Westin in Buffalo NY. They had the cutest table decor ( dinosaurs) which were gold painted toys. So cute. Since Ashley's favorite movie was the princess bride,  her parents gave a toast  which went a long with some of the infamous lines from the movie. Adorable. The seating chart was my favorite ever. You had to find your name then follow the string to your table number. These two are as cute as they come and i was delighted to capture their wedding photos. 

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Ashley and Dustin: Chautauqua Institution Wedding Photography

Dustin Proposed to Ashley while tailgating at a Michigan vs Penn State Game. She said Yes!! They watch football every Sunday its on . I have tried to be a good wife and watch football before, but i always fall asleep. I thought former after AW took me to a game at the big house i was sold on football because going there was so exciting. ...nope i still fall asleep... So i am cheering Ashley for loving football with her man!! Its something i wish i could engage in... i tried.. hehehe... Congrats to these 2 perfect souls!!!!

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Nashia: Senior PortraitsJamestown NY

So lovely is that Nashia.... full of life... answering to Gods whisper..... a smile that gives warmth....a future full of wonder in hope... eyes so bright.... a face so pretty... Gods beautiful Girl.. 

Jordan and Melanie : Erie PA Engagement Photography

Years ago Melanie and Jordan were at the Dairy Queen and decided that if they did not marry anyone else  within so many years that they would get married. The deal was sealed with a Dairy Queen bubble Machine Ring.

Fast forward a little , they fall in love and Jordan decides he is going to ask her to marry him. Although he picks out the most beautiful ring it has not come in yet. So he decided it would be appropriate once again to get a bubble Gum Machine ring at the Dairy Queen. ( I had no idea they kept up on their stock) He asks her and she says yes!!! Soon after she gets a beautiful ring ( photos below) . 

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Michelle and Michelle: Boston Engagement Photographer

Michelle and Michael met at their first year of medical school in Philadelphia. They were randomly assign as biochemistry partners so they would meet in the library to work on projects. They became good friends and then shared their first kiss at a winter formal in 2014 .They were in love and inseparable throughout medical school. Mike proposed to Michael when their families were in Italy together, Now they are starting their careers as Doctors in Boston. 

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