Sally and Steve: St John Wedding Photographer

Sally and Steve were married at the historic Annaberg ruins in St John by one of St Johns favorite captians , I have done weddings with him before and my favorite part about this man is his rustic old looking bible he reads from. Someday i need to sit down with this man and hear his story because i think he may have one.

A note from inside my mind: People are so interesting. I stare at people so much i have often feared that someone might tell me to stop staring one day. but really i will still keep on staring. I really think it would be so fun to see in someones innermost heart and thoughts. Somedays i see people and i get a glimpse of who they are. I have really started to appreciate the uniqueness of how everyone is made. Even the things years ago i may have thought as something i didn't like I am finding i like the most. I always ask God to show me who they are so i can see the beauty he sees.  Even if people our mean and nasty i believe if i can find the specialness they were meant to be then I could tell them and they would somehow start to become that. Maybe not right away but it would get them on the right path. I really love people and the times where i need to love them and i feel like i cant I ask God to give me more love for them and he is always faithful. anyways this has nothing to do with Sally and Steve other then the fact they are both beautiful people and i love them. Im just rambling and thinking and will probably wonder why I'm writing this later . maybe someone is suppose to read this. If you do. Know this ... You are special. God thought of you when you were made and his thoughts for you out number the sands of Grain. Tell yourself that everyday until you believe it. Its true you know!! You have a purpose. You have people around you that need you to bless them. 

... Sally and Steves wedding was filled with the most beautiful light . After the ceremony it started to rain and then the sun came out at the same time. I have always wanted to shoot in this area on the road where its covered with jungle trees and the road bends. Well once i saw the light that was falling on the place, i knew that today was the day. Thank you God for your splendor!! Steve said he loves Sally so much because she takes care of him so good! Sally is one of the most happiest people i have ever met. She smile even when she is not smiling. Confusing i know, but true. I really enjoyed every moment i had with them and if i could shrink sally to desktop size i would just so i could see her encouraging smile! Blessings, Elisha 

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