Brandi and Jonathan

Hello!! wow this last few weeks i feel like i have been swept up in a tornado. I'm very busy. but the tornado is not a place of chaos or stress. it seems to be a fast moving never endless going but its all joy and fun. Many laughs and first wed kisses. New things. I have never felt more creative in my life . I had 3 weddings with in a week and 2 days and it was so much fun. These two Got married at my possibly favorite venue. The chautauqua institution. For those of you who don't know. This place is a private place that is full of victorian house. Its a summer home for people who want to get a way. I m pretty sure most people who own homes here don't actually have permanent residence in Western NY. Its a beautiful place to get married at. The service is magnifico!  They host many events all summer concerts and all that fun stuff. I love the cute stores inside. They have a store with my favorite shoes . I told my husband about these shoes ( rovers) and he bought me 2 pairs for christmas on eBay to get a small discount ( he loves to do this.. saving $20. is so satisfying to him) but unfortunately the size was wrong since the shoe is european. I was unable to return them . I found an owner for 1 pair and the other i just wore. They are 2 big but they are that cool..  i one day decided i feel a little like a clown wearing the shoes. They are in my closet if anyone wheres more like a size nine, they are black boots , hipster style.. more for the artist weird type.. ... they need a home and are up for adoption.  I loved photographing this couple. i love classic timeless looks. fitted suits, brides who resemble Marilyn monroe and have perfect eye brows.  i love white flowing capes that turn a bride into a bohemian princess. i love Grooms who are so cool and design shoes. i love pretty flowers . i love all things vintage to be in my photos. I love love old wall paper prints. I love puppy kisses. i love bottles with classic stems on a table. i love it all. 

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