Melanie and Jordan: Corry PA wedding photographer

 This was truly an awesome wedding. Melanie and Jordan are very special to me as they both share the same love of Jesus . I dont really know them well on earthly terms. But i know them in a spiritually way and as their sister in Christ i am so proud of them. I also am so thankful because i have been given a glimpse of how God loves us and pursues us through Melanie. This may seem strange to people who dont understand but when you give your heart to Jesus he gives you a new family and even if you dont really have a past with them, you know them spiritually. Its so cool. I have been out before and have known people loved the lord. I dont know how but i knew. I have gone up to them and said you love jesus dont you? and they said yes. Then it turned into a celebration and tears and joy. Like seeing a relative you have never met for the first time. This is the family of God and i believe when he lives in us we can recognize it in each other. 

Melanie and Jordan  will be an example of Christs love for us within their marriage.  I said to someone at the wedding you just watch Melanie is going to be the next Mother Teresa. That was before i saw they were having a food drive at their wedding.  There is just something about this girl. about this couple.

The Pastor told Melanie that he could remember when she excepted Christ into her life,  he sent her a scripture,   Philemon 7,  which says "your love has given me great joy and encouragement because you have refresh the hearts of the Saints." "Melanie has spoke out for Christ at many places and on social media she has refresh the heart of the Saints. The pastor also said that he looks up to her because she is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, today she wants to impact the lights for Jesus, she wants to be involved in an outreach in the community, meeting people’s needs because she care's about them. I look to you as a role model someone who lives up here and I’m down here I’ve seen so many great qualities and traits in your life you are one of those individuals that when you leave a social setting there is someone talking about you… In a positive way. I have admired you’re being trans parent. I’m not saying you are always transparent, but I’ve seen you be transparent. You were not afraid to identify your weakness. I admire that, I respect a person more who can admit their faults, then the person who hides their fault so people will think they are perfect. This is a positive trait Melanie, if you use this as a tool to help you strive to be more like Christ. Don’t let it be something the devil uses to make you feel worthless. You are a beautiful young lady, with a God-given purpose, with great gifts and abilities to impact many many lives. Hold on  to that! "   The the pastor spoke this to Jordan "  you have the conviction that you are to be the spiritual leader of your household. I don’t have to tell you that you are supposed to be the spiritual role model for your wife and future kids. You already know that, it’s already your conviction and your desire. Jordan, that is refreshing to me. Because I know that even though our culture has and is rejecting God‘s word as authority, I know you will continue to speak the truth and live the truth even though there are people, including Christians, and pastors who are compromising the truth of Gods word today. It’s neat to see that your parents spiritual influence has carried on. " 

What beautiful words.. a cloud of witnesses in Heaven rejoice over this couple as do all of those who put their trust in God. I am so excited for what is to come for them. Have a blessed day everyone, elisha