Hurricane Irma changes wedding plans from St Thomas to Chicago

Isabel and Sam were to get married in St Thomas but hurricane Irma came in and they had to change plans. even in this situation Isabel couldn't have been any happier. From what i have seen in the whole experience is she really makes the most of all situations. She is one of those rare few that are always looking out for others and putting them first. No matter who they are. She is one of those people that you will love because her heart is big and open to everyone. She is lovely and her presence will change the atmosphere. Sam compliments her so perfect with his fun loving humor.  i enjoyed every bit of working with these two and i wish they would get married together again and again! They  got married at this really hip, modern wedding venue called The Lakewood in Chicago.  This venue was absolutely a dream to photograph at. So many clean lines and great opportunities.  Sam and Isabel have a way they like to tell each other i love you. one says watermelon and the other says avocados. This is engraved in their wedding bands. They have their own little words . how cute is that? like the saying mischief managed , which was on the cake topper. This is what Sam says when something chaotic is managed. So after hurricane Irma and moving the wedding with in what?? 3 weeks? i would have to say that Mischief was managed very well!!