Erin and Zack : Baha Mar Nassau Bahamas Wedding photographer

Erin and Zac first met when they were little.. real little. their moms got together and they would play together. There is a picture of them which zac would say he is kissing her head but honestly it looks like he is making out with her. Whatever Zac ! They were only toddlers. Ever since that day his family would get a christmas card from her family and he would say things like " that is the most beautiful girl " or " i am going to marry her someday" . ( isn't this the cutest story ever? Im not making this up) Well he did marry her. many years later and they are just so happy. 

They were originally going to marry in the USVI but because of hurricane irma. They choose to go to the Bahamas instead. They were married at the beautiful Baha Mar resort in nassau. I would highly recommend this place. It is pristine. Honestly i was quite taken by the Bahamians ( not bohemians) i learned from my taxi driver how to correctly say it. They were so nice. They made me feel like i was a special guest whether in the taxi, at the airport, in the store, at the resort. So anyways.. guess what I'm going back. and hopefully again and again. Life is always an adventure and you never know where you going next. well at least i dont. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I would also like to thank Zac and Erins family for making me feel so welcome. It was a very small group and they seated me right in the middle of a very large table. I usually shy away when i eat  In some corner because by dinner i am so famished. They welcomed me as one of their own.. who knows maybe i will be in mississippi someday soon.. i like to follow nice people. 

This trip was also a little mini vacation for me as my mom and sister came along and we stayed at atlantis because i always wanted to go . Im a sucker for those commercials on tv. When i saw the big resort with the arch in the middle.  i even made some noise like it was majestic. ( yes I'm strange) We had a blast.. I dont think i have laughed so hard in my life. my sister gets me going then i almost becoming annoying. We laugh at things that not many would but its the best. We also drank about 6 or 7 white chocolate mocha frappicinos from starbucks because in the bahamas they have a starbucks on every corner. 

well see ya, I'm off to see my friends the Bahamians again.. 

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