St John Wedding Photographer : Caroleen and Ben

I was set to be at this wedding at noon so I planned to take the 10:00 ferry from St Thomas. I arrived at the ferry dock at 9:30 am just to be sure of enough time.   No.  there is never a rush, Thats not how it works on an island. By Gods grace i arrived just on time. There is still ferries not working on the island. This is what it is like on the island. You can try your best and if you cant get across the water or there is a herd of goats in your way , well just relax. No worries mon... right? The island has changed me by teaching me to let go of the things you cant change. i still can struggle with this at times... I'm working on it. When i got to the villa Where  Caroleen and Ben were getting ready i knew it was going to be a good day since they were after all both so gorgeus and Ben looking a bit like Jesus made  me feel right at peace!  The Bride and groom have come to the island in the past and always camped at cinnamon bay . They knew some of the locals . One ( Mary)  even came to get a picture with the family so it was perfect for them to get married at cinnamon bay. We talked about how in the future how they will bring their kids to camp there.

The couple did a first look before the wedding so that we would have a whole bunch of light to get photos of just the two of them. Coroleen was a perfect client for me because she loves the jungle part of the island . The beach is pretty but i love the green tropical plants.  One of my favorite parts about the wedding was when Ben washed Caroleens hands. Such a beautiful example of how marriage should look. To be a servant to each other. Beautiful!!

Thank you ben and Caroleen and to your wonderful family and friends for having me at you most special day ever. 

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elisha whitmore