Buffalo Wedding Photographer : Brandi and Jon

  It was so cold at this session. So so cold but these two flew in just to do their engagement photos.  This first photo makes every shiver worth it. Can you feel the love? These two met in a group of people and could stop talking to each other. They said it was so many hours they just sat there. The room and people changed around them but they were so engaged in conversation it was like it was only the two of them. That was it. Thats all that needed to happen. Easy as pie. Looking at these photos i thought maybe she looked a bit like Adele? Brandi, can you teach a eyebrow class ? Your eyebrows are rocking!!  All the brides reading this will want to know the same as me... how to get that look! Jon is a shoe designer and I couldn't stop talking to him about his job. That is one of my dream jobs. I have shoes i designed before and sent them in to see if a company would want my design ... i got a sticker back with a thank you letter. Well ill just keep on dreaming and stay clicking the shutter. Have a great day everyone. 

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