West Palm Beach Wedding Photographer : Tracy and Chris

Tracy First Met Chris Right before she went on the TV show The Bachelor. She told him right before she left that maybe she shouldn't go because she found him and really liked him. He encouraged her to go for the experience . She went and  after 3 shows she was picked to leave the show. Why you ask? I mean just look at her she's Gorgeous and her personality is so warm and caring. She's a real pick! No one would let her go.  I don't watch this show so i didn't get to see her but i can put the pieces together by the little that i hear. It went something like this....she gave all her heart to Chris before she left and there was no heart left to give she simply wasn't interested. She found the one that she wanted .I am sure the Bachelor who ever he is , noticed that she wasn't interested.  While she was gone Chris wrote her letters some of them he didn't give her until their wedding day. Chris and Tracy had a back yard wedding at her brothers house. The decor was so beautiful. The back yard was adorned with antique sofas, numerous candlesticks, old cases, multi colored silverware, mismatched dishes, silver pots to pour water. They rented it all from True Love Vintage .  Micky and Perla from A Pretty Affair were there to make sure everything ran smoothy. ( a shout out to these wedding planners for working so hard and know what a photographer likes ) The flowers were from Flower and Fringe  Videography by Nazareth Road Productions ( the andrew part of us) . 

Thank you to their family and friends for making this day so fun for us. We cant wait to shoot more weddings in the Palm Beach area 

Family and Guests can she more photos here