Ryan and Mayra: Chautauqua NY engagement photography

Looking at these photos reminds me God is so Good. I have known Ryan for many years and it was him who helped me learn to pray out loud. God lead me to a prayer group and listening to him pray in such a relaxed real way gave me the courage to try it myself. Now i pray for strangers. sometimes i shake because its a little scary but i do it anyways. It is so cool how the body of Christ works to encourage each other and build each other up. Its like having a weight lifting couch telling you that you have the strength to do more and then you cant believe what you can actually do! Add some of the holy spirit to that and BOOM!!!!!  Ryan met Mayra last october and he was so certain that she was the one God has for him that they are getting married this month. I have been with Mayra 3 times now and i know forsure she will be one of my God given friends. She has a quiet and gentle spirit and is so passionate about Jesus. She has already encouraged me in so many ways and i feel so blessed to know her. God is good all the time!!!!! 


elisha whitmore