Ginny and Brian : St Thomas Wedding Photographer

Ginny and Brian first met on a bus. Brian said  Ginny sat down beside him and said " Hi Im Ginny" . They were both going to medical school at the time and they started studying together. Im guessing there was more flirting then studying happening since they are now MARRIED!!!!  

Ginny went to visit Brian while he was doing his rotations in Milwaukee . Brian brought Ginny to a caricature  artist  and the artist was taking a really long time to draw them. When he showed them the drawing the picture showed Brian down on one knee asking Ginny to marry him. At first glance Ginny thought.. wait a min.. thats not how we are sitting. At closer look she knew that Brian was asking her to marry him. 

It was such a beautiful day at the Frenchmans Marriot in St Thomas. The sky was completely clear and wonderful. It was a day before the Sahara dust swept in and fogged up the sky. It was absolutely beautiful to spend another day looking upon Gods Goodness. He truly loves us to give us the gift of marriage. Ginny and Brian i pray many blessings and Gods double portion over your marriage in the mighty name of Jesus! 

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