From A Heart of a Wedding Photographer.........

From the heart of a wedding photographer

The truth is there are days when I'm tired. days when i stop believing in love for a brief moment because the world swallows me in and puts a haze over my heart. Then for a moment i question God. How? Why? I have seen divorce of my couples through out the last decade as a photographer. It hurts me. I like happy endings. I get to see the couples on their wedding day. So full of love and full of hope. No fears. No influence of the world. No unforgivness. No sadness. Their hearts are wide open. Ready to give. Ready to receive. Ready to get on the highway and ride the wind with love blowing through their souls. Then there is a bump. They forget. The world comes in. Evil is working. Another women. A failed pregnancy. Financial strain. Lies. A lie. A lie that says we were not meant to be. This is not working. Stress. Stress that makes you loose your focus . It makes your emotions dark. you are irritable. You say hurtful things. You close your hearts. You forgot. Forgot the all the hope and all the love. The dreams. The promise of forever. The covenant that is sealed with the blood of Jesus. A bump is just a bump. ok, maybe its a boulder, but Rocks are meant to be climbed. The bigger they are when you get to the top the higher you will be. Dont forget. I wont. When i see you thought the years i will remember the photos i took of you and the joy that over flowed through you. I will remember thinking.. I wonder how many children they will have.. I will remember my prayer for you. Never give into the lies of the world. You can get through anything together and with Jesus and his promise you will get through and even get to the top. I have lived through bumps and boulders. I have given in for moments and wanted to leave marriage. There must be something better? more beautiful? more loving? right? WRONG! Work it out. Suffer a little . do it with the love and faith thats in you. Look at your wedding photographs. The ones i took of you. I felt that emotion with you. You opened the door and let me see in. That was real. that was meant to be. Thank you for letting me see the greatest gift from God .. love.

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