Marty and Vanessa: Warren PA Wedding Photography

Vanessa and Marty were married a few weeks ago. They picked the date because they wanted peonies for the bridal bouquet and since it was the last week they would be in bloom it was the perfect time to get married. They were married at  Warren Pa Conewango Country Club because 1. it is a beautiful venue and 2. Vanessa's family have been long time members of the club. I have been eagerly awaiting this wedding as i had so much fun photographing their engagement session. Vanessa is so beautiful and happy and Marty has this really cool classic look about him. I always think of those old photographs of young men before they went into the military. Do you know what i am talking about? Classic. At one point in the reception i took them for a few magic light photos and Marty said to Vanessa. " this is exactly how we imagined it" I even caught him checking out Vanessa as she was dancing. He was having an awe moment of " wow" thats my wife" . I have to say i am so in love with the way they love. 

Another moment so dear is right before the first look between father and daughter the father had a first look with the mother of the bride. It was the cutest little moment on earth. She kept her dress a secret and the father of the bride was just as excited and in awe of his wife. Where are the tissues around this office?

On a personal note the  night before the wedding i took my daughter rolling blading and did an epic fail and fell . Right after i fell they played the song i requested. bummer.  My wrist looked like it had a golf ball on it. Turned out to only be a sprain but thank the Lord it was my left hand. I had to have a few people turn my lens off the camera for me as squeezing anything was not good. It turned out to be way better then i thought the night before and i am so excited about all these beautiful photos taken in downtown Jamestown NY and  the country club. 

Since the wedding there has been a great loss in the Baker family ( Martys dad) and I'm asking anyone who reads this to say a prayer of comfort and peace for them.  Im praying the jesus wraps them tighter in his arms then ever before. 

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