Ryan and Stephanie : Baraka Point, Virgin Gorda

Ryan asked Stephanie's dad Roger if he could marry her on a family trip to Bora Bora. They were both sitting in a bar called The Sunset Bar. Many couples coming to watch the sunset were around them. When he asked him they both were hugging ( holding)  and crying. Caring on a scene of affection in front of many couples. It looked more like they were a couples instead.  Ryan was going to ask her on the trip but he never did because the airlines lost his luggage with the ring in it and it never showed up. He actually had to wear Rogers clothes to the bar. Can you imagine... this scene is a movie! 

So ..time goes on and they are on a bike trail with friends. Ryan has a bottle of champagne in his camo backpack that he rides with for most of the trail. He's so nervous. he cant find the right words.  The friends disappear for a bit .. and finally he asked her. And she  says.......YES!!!!!!

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