St Thomas Wedding Photographer : Villa Botanica; Gardens

Cristina and bill were married at my favorite venue in the world. Villa Botanica . I was extremely excited to photograph them because i have not gotten a groom with a beard in a long time... actually I'm not sure if i have photographed a groom with a beard ever!? These two can really muster up some intense photos as well as bringing their true feelings out in the open to be photographed. I have been thinking much more about photographing emotions lately rather then thinking of poses. To be able to capture ones true self is what my hearts desire. To capture love so raw and so real is so much fun and beautiful. 

To sum up this wedding i want you to read what Bill said to Cristina while doing a speech at dinner. 

My wife Christina: You are my best friend and my biggest supporter. I cannot imagine life in which we are not together. Its corny but i genuinely believe you are my soul mate. I cannot even begin to express what this day means to me. Ill spare you the embarrassing stories and get to the heart of what i really want to say about my wife. YOUNG LADIES TAKE NOTE: i believe that this women here before you is a shining example of what it means to be a woman in this modern world. I believe that she is a role model for all of us but especially for her peers and the next generation of women to come. Cristina you are driven, fiercely intelligent, hilarious, and of course stunningly beautiful. I am simultaneously proud, and humbled to be able to call you my wife today, and for the rest of our lives. 

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