Dustin and Morgan: The Bride of Christ

We the people that love Jesus. We are his bride. Whenever i photograph a wedding i watch the day from beginning to the end and i get a picture of how we are the bride preparing for our bridegroom ( Jesus) . 

First we come to him and recognize him as our savior , we confess our sins and turn from our old self. Because he was the sacrifice on the cross for our sins we can be forgiven and clean. he remembers our sin no more. We exchange our dirty clothes stained with sin for our pure white ones. WE PUT ON OUR WEDDING DRESS. The old has passed and the new has come. We are saved and new right away but we need to train ourselves to walk away from our old habits and claim what God has given us through Jesus. We read the word he speaks to us and our identity is revealed. We Forgive everyone because he forgave us and he tells us too! he's our dad. he knows best so we just do it! No matter what we are holding on too. OUR MAKEUP IS APPLIED. We learn to surrender all to him. All fear , all worry, our kids, our anger, we let go and trust him. He is trustworthy. He loves us more then anyone . WE PUT ON A BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE. We read that his greatest commandment is love. We want to follow him but oh my to love others? mean people? our enemys? We pray for his help because this is too big. We let go of jealousy and envy. it comes back but we keep pressing into him. He helps us. He is our rock, our fortress. our deliver. It starts to get easier then one day you are sending your enemy flowers telling them how much God loves them and love is overflowing from your heart. A supernatural love. WE PUT ON OUR PERFUME. One day you are listing to christian radio and a sermon comes on you relate to it. You never thought you had pride but you do. You so desire to be all he has called you to be. you start praying for help and reading in his word. until one day you just stop trying to cover up who you really are and realize you can just be who God made you to be. You get baptized in front of others. You Pray in public for the sick for the lost. you may be shaking and scared but he is with you so you do it. He helps and you continue for weeks, months years until you are not afraid. You tell many people of your past because you want then to see how he set you free. Pride is gone. WE PUT ON OUR EARRINGS. We are looking more and more like Jesus. People notice our life. we bring life to them . we are his hands and feet. We become mature christians. our hearts never want to sin because we are so in love with him. We dont want to hurt the one we love the most. WE PUT ON OUR WEDDING SHOES. We pray, we go deeper. He sends us here and there and there is no end because he is endless. He has so much for us. we can't wait to see him. to kiss his feet. To be in our true home. WE PUT ON OUR VEIL. We are his bride ,we are getting more and more beautiful as we wait for our bridegroom. when he returns for us and reveals himself to all the world. Then the world will know. WE KISS OUR GROOM. WE HAVE A RECEPTION. A NEVER-ENDING HONEYMOON . WE DANCE. 

           Will you follow Jesus with me? Do you want to exchange your dirty rags for your white dress? He has one in your size. Just perfect for you. 

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elisha whitmore