Chicago Engagement Session: Brandon and Danielle

Brandon and Danielle were scheduled to get married in my second home ST Thomas USVI, But then Hurricane Irma came and caused some wreckage, so then they planned their wedding in ST Croix and then hurricane Maria came in and ruined that plan. So now they are not exactly sure where they are getting married but they are still in love and still getting married and no one comes in between that especially not Maria or Irma. 

With that being said please pray and make donations to help the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico So many dont realize that this is the US. It was so scary watching the storm unfold from western NY .Thinking of the people i know and faces i have seen for the past 11 years.  I was glued to many Facebook pages for over a weeks time. I felt like id rather be with them then out of harms way. I can't get on a plane soon enough to get there. To help. If possible. Many times i have not wanted to be there and couldn't wait to leave but then a few months later i wanted to go back. Its all very confusing but the truth be told. That place has taught me so many things. I appreciate the opportunities it has given me . It has been a gift. We have lost much business for the year ahead as we do so much work there but everyone is safe. everyone needs help. I am trusting God for all things. He is our provider and our strength.