It's Still Snowing

i really can't believe it is still snowing in Chautauqua NY . We had one day last week where it was in the late 60's. Its been a long winter as we have not gone to the islands due to the hurricanes. I actually forgot what it was like when you get the feel that spring is coming and its so exciting. I remember as a kid that one 70 degree day when the snow melted just off the road and i was dribbling my basket ball with a feeling of newness and excitement. As an adult i usually hang the sheets on the line and open the windows. Its really exciting to hear those spring birds chirping. The awesome news is... AW and I are leaving for the islands tomorrow !! Cant wait to give out a few over due hugs to a very precious widow who has become my "island mom". Ill be back and forth over the summer and fall and I'm so excited for wedding season to officially start !! Yay! 

Meet Natalie and Brock , these two are special. We actually had a awesome photoshoot but also it was a little rough too. haha. First Brock was having an allergy to some hair product that his stylist put in that day and his eyes were burning and very sensitive to the bright snowy light, but i think it all worked out. Next Natalie being a Texas girl , got super cold to the point of almost passing out. Her hands just couldn't take that cold. But...... do you want to know why i am telling you all this?.. because all of this made the most beautiful moment as i watched Brock gently care for his future bride . Carrying her to the car, warming her hands, feeling concerned. The relationship is so precious. They nurture and love each other in such a beautiful way .They have each other and it makes me so happy.  I can't wait to see how amazing their wedding will be and all the stories i will here about how awesome they are. 

If you have a sweet little story put it in the comments below. I bet they would love to hear how sweet you think they are :)   love you guys!!! 

see more photos here ( if you have the password)