Mr and Mrs Matve

This is from the new MRS: 
Beautiful people if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them or following their pages, their work is BREATHTAKING The afternoon of May 12, Elisha expressed to me to embrace the Day and see what the Lord could move and/or bring to Our Union. There was no doubt that the day was full of His blessings, as the day was a beautiful blur. I have been crying on and off since the wedding day (it’s fine lol). I keep whining, I don’t want it to be over-like most things in life

Ever since Saturday, the thought of Life has been heavily weighing on my heart. Life goes SO fast. A day that I have been dreaming and planning for since I was a little girl was over, in a blink of an eye. For four full days, our hearts were so full with family, friends, and endless love. The thought of never getting that time back keeps my mind replaying those special days over and over. 
I think so easily we wish time away (I’ll be the first to admit it) and don’t enjoy what is in our presence. I’m notorious for getting into a routine and not embracing the beauty of what He has given to us, everyday. I always want the next big event in my life, instead of embracing and loving the Life I have at that particular time. 
The words Elisha shared with me have been on my heart, and I can’t help but think the Lord have been working and moving me, as a person and a wife, since Saturday. My eyes have been opened.

This experience has done more than just change my last name, it has changed my mindset about truly how fast Life goes and what’s important while living it! 
I can’t wait to take on Life as, Sarah Marie Matve.

Sarah and brett thank you so much we love you both and can't wait to see whats next. @hannahneckers thanks for being my best second shooter ever and friend i love you lady!