I will always love you........

Today i stopped... i dont mean stand still, but to embrace a moment and be more present then you could ever be. I stopped. I took in all that was around me. I was invited in to a moment . A precious moment where someone shares their soul with you. It was tender,  beautiful, rare and special. I was so honored to be there . Its a moment where you become inside out and life means more then it ever could.  its where you are listing to everything even the pin drops because you know that every word is a treasure and every moment is worth more then what you have.  

Natalie lost her mom. Natalie is getting married on Saturday and her mom won't be there physically. Today i photographed her in her moms wedding dress. We talked about her mom and what it looks and feels like not having a mom on your wedding day. Can you imagine? I got to "see" Natalie  her sadness , her brokeness and i also saw how suffering makes things beautiful. Natalie is beautiful.  I saw her strength and her ability to love deeper . She doesn't have her mom here right now but she has been given eyes and a heart to see whats valuable and important in life. To love with all you can. To embrace and treasure every moment. 

I am so thankful for Natalie and our time together i really dont have words for what i felt . I did hear a whisper in my soul tell me that this is whyi do what i do. I can't wait for Saturday to see all the little miracles and joyful surprises that i just know will be present at Brock and Natalies wedding.