Erin and Matt and the wedding crasher : wedding photographer Buffalo NY


Being that i am at so many weddings i get to be around so many different families and get to see so many unique traditions that are truly special. Erin and Matt are bringing together 2 families that really enjoy having fun together. Erin's family has for many generations had a custom that anybody that visited signed a lamp shade. The shade would be framed after it was full of signatures. The current lamp is by the pool at Erins family home.  Matts family : i knew when i met his mom that this family was a "glue " family. A family that stick together and plays together, they are a family that sits around the table playing games and sharing many laughs. I love seeing this and I'm homing to introduce my family to the lamp signing tradition and playing more games!! i love happy families it makes me all warm and fuzzy!!! 

Are you ready to hear about the wedding crasher?? scroll down and see if you can identify him or her? ill give you a hint its the bird that came in the tent landed on a guy while eating dinner and then made the made of honor duck during her speech. It was definitely a first for me.........


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