Joe and Alexandra : Admiral Room Buffalo NY

I first met these two lovelies in NYC , Joe Caught me off guard because with his sun glasses on he looked like a young Nicolas Cage and when he took his glasses off he looked more like Ryan Gosling and honesty after photographing him a few times and seeing him on AW’s film cuts he def acts like an actor… ( go to video on the bottom and check out when he puts on his jacket) Only a actor could put on a jacket like that ……….Alexandra is a package of Pure Joy….her smile makes the world better and is so kind and fun to be around , all day long, just as her photographer i felt like she was cheering me on in a way because your just so positive and happy! …. My favorite part of the day is when she read the letter from Joe and not just cried but bawled…. I guess some would call it a “ugly cry” but it was so beautiful because it was her heart wide open and just melting to all the goodness her “ husband” said about her! I have to admit .. that “Peter” their dog distracted me because he is just so cute and the little snort noises he make is still making Andrew and I laugh…. When we came to photograph the groomsmen he was acting like he was one of the guys… oh and the fact that he has a proper name…. he’s going places with a name like that forsure. i would happily dog sit for Peter.. ADORABLE!!!

Their wedding venue was a dream after shooting 10 beach weddings prior it was so nice to go to a verr upscale , minimalist yet highly sophisticated venue. The building use to be a bank but awesome people who see things turned it into a wedding venue. Thank you for your vision Admiral Room ! There is so much fun light from the huge windows, neutral tones so you can decorate how ever you can imagine… like with Hot Pink and flamingos! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! i’m a huge fan of cactus and Hot pink So every snap of the shutter was a thrill! Plus there is some Nostalgia thinking that this was a bank from long ago and going into the vault.. I asked the security guard if there was a bank robbery hoping there was ( yes not sure why) but to my disappointment there was not. We did get to go to the vault and take photos. So cool! All the hard work came from Carla and her team at Costamagna Design. She is a one of a kind planner forsure running around working hard to make the vision come together yet being so relaxed to be around and she is top notch .. working in Paris… what a dream.. The cute flamingo cake and cookies came from Blue-eyed Baker and i did happen to eat a macaroon and just typing the word makes me hungry for another.. something about the texture of theirs is the best ever!! The DJ @alexsarabia1 got everyone dancing and his fun personality made all the vendors just happy to work.. always giving us high fives ! Thanks Alex! Hair and make up by Salon a go go

It was a great wedding and as i’m writing this i have had 4 weddings in one week ……. thankful for editing days and coffee breaks and warm sun! Thankful for this life to see the joy when 2 become one ! I seem to get new friends every weekend and some i just want to keep and i will say this week all 4 couples were some of my favorite! how blessed am I !

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