Ali And Blake : BAHAMAR, Bahamas

Ali and Blake are a couple who could probably go away and live on a island with no people and be completely happy. Don’t get me wrong they are very much loved and they love their family and friends but they seem to have a little world of their own. A world that when surrounded by people they can jump into together and have their own little laughs and giggles and simply enjoy each other. I imagine them at home right now all new and married and they just cant wait to see what the other ones does because they are so at awe and excited about each other. I love relationships like this. I think life can be difficult and stressful and if you can find a person that can be your island you will just be so happy!! At the rehearsal dinner party i noticed they would talk to their guests but then many times they would be whispering and laughing to each other. On their own island in the middle of people .

I had many favorite parts of the wedding but the one moment that holds me so tight is when Ali was reading her vows to Blake. I could not only see the love he felt but feel it. It stood out to me so much. He just felt so loved, like he was being washed by her love. I don’t think i will ever put into words what i saw but that moment makes me a better person as i want to make people feel this much love. A friend of mine just told me recently to never let a person pass you by without them feeling more loved. I love that. Ps. Ali felt loved too that day and smiled non stop but i guess because love just looks so beautiful on a man it stands out more… im not sure….

OK………so we started the ceremony and it started to rain…. towels were handed out for guests to put over their heads. I sat in the middle of the aisle with a towel over my head while photographing…. it wasn’t a bad rain but it rained….. then it was ok… the cocktails were served while the vendors wiped off tables and instruments… then down came the rain again….. then the wiping off again… and then finally it was announced that the planned reception under the bohemian stars was moved indoors…. it was just to much wiping and drying at that moment and the weather report was showing rain…… Ali cried… not because shes a bridezilla or anything like that ( def not) … because she was just looking forward to the wedding that she planned outside, ( i was too) ………but then magic happened… Blake took her to the wet dance floor and turned on their first dance song on his phone.. which didnt seem to work?! so a guest started to serenade them… Then to their surprise a ton of ping pong balls were being thrown at them. A surprise from her sister as this is what happens at their favorite bands concert, @guster . Spirits were lifted and then the groom said lets go jump in the pool and a way they went in the pool and their guests , I think the mother of the bride was the first one after them. … happiness excitement and the Hora in the pool! Memories forever! Then we took a 1 hour break and had a pajama party inside!