Janele and Randy : Port Farms PA

What a fabulous wedding this was, full of people that i personally know and love! The bride wore converse which anyone who knows me knows i have always owned a pair of these shoes! They somehow make you so much cooler! Seriously you should get a pair! It will change your life in all the cool ways! So this bride is super duper Cool! One of my favorite parts about this wedding is when Janele and Randy Were walking down the aisle after being married and Her veil blew off.. It just seemed the appropriate time to happen! She laughed and it made the photos perfect!! I was so happy to shoot at this beautiful farm . The staff was extremely friendly and the atmosphere was perfect for a backdrop! Im so happy for this couple! They are going to have the best life together !!

I happened to look up why brides wear veils, hoping i could tie this in with why Janeles veil blew off and interestingly i found that the first veils worn were to ward of evil spirits. This tradition started from the Greek and Romans. ?? What?? So crazy that we wear veils because of this.. I mean the meaning is lost but still this is the beginning of it all.

Venue Port Farms DJ Millenium Sound Flowers Miss Millies Proper Petals (814) 663-7673 ( Corry PA)