Rebecca and Nate: Engagement Session , Chautauqua , NY

In the past year i have noticed something about people i have never noticed before. I have become aware of people in my life who , just being in the room with them give me a feeling of peace and calm. I am a highly excitable and sometimes anxious person so these people come as a great comfort to me. My closest friends are usually the ones more like me , One friend i have, we just laugh non stop until our bellies hurt and we talk and talk and jump and move ….. and its a blast. I always feel like i can be my most self with her but this strange sense of calmness comes from people im really most opposite from in personality. In fact, Im not extremely close to them. There is one girl i see about once a week and she will just say hi to me or walk by and i instantly relax, there is a new person in our family and when he is in the room i just feel a sense of peace and organization. Its very interesting dont you think? I guess we all radiate off something. We hold something very valuable to help people along in this life. Im very thankful for my “Peace Pillars”

So why am i writing this right next to these pictures of these two amazing people? It is because Nate is one of these Pillars for Becca. I see and feel the deep comfort and stillness she feels with him. He can stand next to her and speak words of life into her and she will just know everything is ok. Becca is laughter and sweetness , Joy, she’s a encourager, she herself is a peace pillar, she’ll pray for you and you wont even know. She loves goodness and wants the best for people…..