Jo-Linda and Tanner: chautauqua NY wedding

I often trespass. I know its not a good thing to do but i often dont have time to ask so i just do it and apologize later but i have learned after this wedding some people really dont want you to go on their property. It was really all for this wonderful willow tree!! It was calling out to me from the moment i saw it. I love willow trees because they are soft and romantic. I would do it agin i would but maybe not at the same place. To  the person who was not happy... i love ya!! thank you for having the best tree!!  

Jo- linda " Jo jo "is from a family i have known in the town i grew up in CLYMER NY!!! Woot Woot!!! I dont know this family on a day to day basis but my husband has worked on one of the family farms when he was a teenager and i have had conversations with them throughout the years . Do you know how you just know something with out actually knowing it? Well if you follow all that, i just know the Rhodes family is a great family! Its very obvious when you see how the kids love and treat their parents and their siblings. There carry this really nice presence about them. Rose who is Jo linda mother has always been someone to smile at me whenever i would see her. Theres not many people in the world who always make everyone feel known but Rose does! My heart feels so happy just thinking about her and their family. Jo jo carries her mothers smile . Just looking at her makes you feel warm and cozy!  oh and look at the porcelain skin! 

Tanner, tanner is one of those boys ... "the boy next door" i wanted to call him that but sometimes i say stuff that makes no sense . I did look up this term and this is what it said: Very sincere, sometimes shy, sometimes confiedent and rarely arrogant. A sweet boy, someone who girls are proud to bring home to their parents because of his charm, demeanor and sincerity. Im pretty sure this is Tanner!! Tanner loves Jo so much and is so good at it!! 

Together.. Jo's sister Jen  summed it up the best in her speech when she said she asked he if they ever fight and JO said Why? almost like that was something unheard of. 

I wish you guys an abundance of Love and happiness and to never fight. May your marriage be so blessed!!! Thanks for having me at the wedding!! 

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elisha whitmore